Northpole ~ Interactive

As Franchise Creative Director and co-creator of the property, I led multiple internal groups and external agencies to bring the world of Northpole to life. Several key interactive brand experiences were created to promote both the retail program and the movie on Hallmark Channel. was created with Alexx Henry Studios in Los Angeles to promote the Hallmark channel premier event and featured a real life Elf smartphone and ElfOS to communicate with Clementine, the elf featured in the movie. With over 200 pieces of original content, 3D scanned characters, and many social sharing links the site generated a lot of buzz. One particularly fun feature was the ability to find out your elf name. Mine’s Crackjack if you’re curious.

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The site won multiple awards including an Addy award, CSS Design Awards, an Interactive Media Council Award for Outstanding Achievement – Movie/Film, and honored in the CableFax Best of the Web Awards for a Social Media Campaign.

A primary Northpole website created with Eclipse in Los Angeles, supported the retail initiative and created an immersive experience where visitors could explore key areas of Santa’s magical city. The site featured many activities as well as organically placed product features with links to buy online. Video content also appeared so viewers could get a glimpse of the city’s most famous citizens – the elves!

Additionally, I worked with DeepLocal in Pittsburgh on another fun element of this transmedia campaign.  Using Hallmark’s Northpole Communicator product as the star of the show, Deeplocal created a portal for kids to chat directly with elves. Complete with custom electronics and a larger-than-life illuminated map. This kinetic experience integrated sound design, digitally-controlled lighting, and Hallmark product to connect families in five U.S. cities “down south” with the magical world of Northpole —in real time.